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Now scheduling coaching, training, education and live sessions.

Professional BDSM lives as an art form with me as artist and form. My way emphasises education and journeying developed out of my holistic philosophy. Regular sessions are still available if it interests me. We negotiate the framework together.

Holistic BDSM intends to be balanced, healthy and ethical approach to all that it is that we do. Like it or not, BDSM is now a legally and medically accepted sexual practice. Although I do not in any way allow sex with my person, I understand that the drive to express oneself through these activities is sexual in nature. We are driven to express that part of ourselves for our happiness and balance in our lives.


Madam W returns

with a new vision.

Serious inquiries welcome.

The Madam of Stockholm

I have a new Domina in training - Miss Emily. Please ask about multiple Domina sessions.

My locations are a few minutes from Centralen by transit and have a unique, inspiring, character. Both suits discrete sessions, coaching space, active role play, and small workshops. The versatility allows for many applications for creative and private expression.  

Finding the light within through walking in darkness.