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2003 -  USA  The beginning. I had had inclinations for some time, but had not had the opportunity to express them. One evening I was lucky enough to come across by first play partner and slave, ache. He and I started a wonderful journey.

2004 - San Francisco I moved to SF for work and properly dove into the scene sucking up every party, class, play partner and opportunity that came my way. It was a glorious time of hedonistic pleasure.

2009 - Stockholm Love brought me to Sweden. The scene changed and my emphasis on community service grew. Here is where I developed my teaching, presenting and coaching talents to new levels.

2017 - Stockholm ...

Education and coaching available upon negotiation agreement.

Holistic elemental sexuality

The Vision

Through this process of play experience I learned that often we "play" at a therapeutic level even if we don't intend to. Play sometimes morphs into intuitive care of self in a deep way that feeds the whole self: mind, body, emotions, soul - Holistic BDSM. In the darkest places within ourselves often lies a treasure key about who we are, where we have been and where we are going.

I'm passionate about holistic bdsm.

BDSM play is one of ways to live the deepest passion in life burning in the soul, spiritual bliss through love. To define is to explore, learn, experience, understand, develop self, develop communication, and to build emotional and intellectual balance and mental resilience. Play makes us more fully human and when done with the innocence of a child it is pure joy.

Play can be a spiritual path to enlightenment/self-growth. My calling is to share that path with others. One of my greatest joys in life is teaching and coaching about things that I love.

The first stage of negotiation is to decide if you are interested in a classic session, a holistic session or are more interested in education and coaching.


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07.DEC.2017 update
Current clients are given priority. Available for appoinments planned in advance. Send mail to mistress @ playfulmistress. com.



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